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The FAQ on blue background are about the normatives, on red are about technical information and on green are about the istallation of the product

Can I use the thermorecorder of the refrigerating unit to be in compliance with the directive of the regulation no. 37/2005 of 12/01/2005 ?
No, the normative EN12830 provides the thermorecorder must be completly indipendent from the refrigerating unit.
What are the periodic verifications ?
The periodic verifications are test whom with regular interval must be done to the thermorecorder. They check the precision of the temperature sensor (expecially near working temperature), of the internal clock and of all the available functions of the thermorecorder. Are subject to this verification all the thermorecorders conform to EN12830.
Which interval the periodic verifications must be done to the thermorecorder with?
From 01/01/2010 the normative EN13486 provides ther thermorecorder must be refurbished once each year at least and everytime the metrologic state is changed (ie: if the temperature sensor is replaced).
Where can I do the periodic verifications ?
The periodic verifications must be done from the authorized dealer or from the manufacturer of the thermorecorder.
I have a thermorecorder installed before 2010, do I need to replace it ?
No, all the thermorecorder made from Made Sistemi approved in according with the DM 493 del 25/09/1665 are compliance with the normative EN12830 also if it is not printed on the user manual. Contact the dealer for more details.
Why the temperature measured from the sensor of the thermorecorder is different from the temperature of the refrigerating unit ?
The difference between the two values is given from the position of the sensors. For a good solution of the problem to fix the sensors tightly together. If the sensors are of different nature, it could be necessary a time of 20 minutes to stabilize the temperature and to get a reliable interpretation.
Why the printout appears faded or with specular characters ?
The printout with faded characters is because the ink ribbon is exhausted, while if the character printed is specular, the roll paper or the ink ribbon are not correctly loaded.
The thermorecorder doesn't start correctly and on the display is showed an error message. What can I do?
In the "Appendice" of the user manual is explained the fault alarm decoding with the solution to the problem.
Does the thermorecorder work both 12 and 24 Volt?
Yes, no adjustment is necessary. Check than the available current is at least 3A.
What precautions should I take during installation ?
It is recommended a fuse on the supply cable. Beside, to avoid ampleasant incidents, before the installation to check the presence of the warranty seal and to do a printout to ensure the good state of the product.
Must the thermorecorder be always supplied ?
It isn't indispensable. The thermorecorder can be power off by an external switch also, because the internal batteries keep unchanged the recorded data and the date.. However, related to customer needs, the installer will recommend the best solution.
Does the thermorecorder discharge the battery of the truck ?

Answer: If the thermorecorder is always connected to the battery of the truck it's recommended to disconnect it if a stop time upper than a mounth is expected.

Can I install a temperature sensor in the driving and another one in the trailer ?
This solution is possible, but not recommended from the manufacturer. In fact the connector used to connect the sensor of the trailer is often cause of a bad working of the system.
Can I install the thermorecorder in horizontal then in vertical position ?
Yes, the thermorecorder can be fixed in every position but the manufacturer suggests to use it in compliance with the rules of the user manual.